The Ladybug

Small enough to care

The Ladybug, which opened on June 15 2020, is a 15 bedroom ‘memory assisted lifestyle’ home set on 12 acres of farmland, with an environment specifically designed for females living with dementia.
The Ladybug is owned and managed by the Kumeu Village Family and all staff are all least Level 4 Dementia trained, as well as being trained by Kumeu Village who operate under the Eden Alternative Philosophy of Care.

A smaller number of people living under one room makes for a family home where everyone is an individual and can make their own decisions. There is an open kitchen, large bedrooms, access to outdoors, animals (residents can bring their own pets with them), views of rolling hills and space to breathe.

For more information or to request a private viewing, click here to contact us or call 09 412 9112 and ask for Belinda.

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Finding Joy in the Everyday

The residents in this home do their best to make sense of life, despite having few or no short-term memories to help them. At all times we prioritise their comfort, respect their decision-making, and aim to empower them to do as much for themselves as possible.

We encourage our residents to assist with the daily running of the home and to partake in the normal activities of daily living – just as they would if they were still in their own homes.

The Vineyard Villa uses a household model of care where Villa Partners work closely with residents on household tasks. Cooking and baking in the kitchen, washing and folding clothes in the laundry, caring for pets, gardening and other simple activities are part of daily life for Villa residents. These tasks give them purpose, as well as simple enjoyment.

Peaceful, Beautiful Grounds

Set amid two acres of secure, walkable land, our grounds include a farmyard for our ponies, goat, bunnies and chooks, a garage with a 1929 Chevy pick-up truck for the residents to work on, tractor set amongst apple trees, and seating areas with vineyard views.

Caring Companions

Villa Partners are trained in working with elders living with dementia, and are supported by diversional therapists, registered nurses and a lifestyle team which runs our animal therapy activities.

The Vineyard Villa is part of the main Kumeu Village building, and is overseen by our management and nursing teams, as well as our wonderful cooks.

Supporting Families

Family members and friends are welcome to visit at any time, and we encourage them to take an active role in their loved one’s life. Loving someone with dementia can be challenging, so we offer support for families and community members living with and caring for people with dementia.

Our role is one of partnership. We recognise that creating an environment where our residents can live their best lives is about all of us caring together.


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