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Pets in the Home

Researchers have long suggested that pets are good for us, even offering health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and heart rate, reducing the stress hormone cortisol, and boosting levels of the feel-good hormone, serotonin. It stands to reason, then, that finding four-legged friends in Alzheimer’s and Dementia communities is very beneficial. Here at Kumeu Village we have fully trained animal care staff 7 days a week to assist with your loved ones animal care and to bring animals into the lives of our family.

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Memory Assist House

Memory Assist House is a specially designed 20-bedroom home that caters for Residents living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. The building has been designed to be tactile, welcoming and homely so that Residents feel like they are still at home. For example, Residents take part in daily tasks such as helping to prepare breakfast in their own Kitchen in the mornings, and peeling vegetables and setting the tables in the evenings.

Paintings adorn the walls so that there are no ‘end-points’ and the Care Team are trained and experienced in caring for residents living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. We have a full-time Life Enhancement Team that develops plans suited to each individual, so that they can participate in activities they used to do, and be introduced to new activities that they can learn and enjoy now.

Families, Friends and Fur-Friends are always welcome!

For more information about our Memory Assist House you can view our Welcome Booklet here.

Some Memory Assist House Snapshots