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New addition to our Animal Therapy Program

Posted 21/6/2017

We have seen how much joy animals and pets give to our Residents and so wanted to make sure that everyone had the opportunity to have companionship with a furry friend.

Although we have many 'real' animals living with and visiting our Residents, we had been hearing more about robotic animals being used as a therapy pets, especially for Residents living with dementia when they may be anxious or upset. 

The Ginger cat that we have introduced into our home responds to touch, meows, purrs, lifts its paw and rolls on its back. Our Residents are loving this new addition, the main response being "this is great, you don't need to feed it"! 

Click here to read an article by the New York Times about the introduction of these cats to a home in the US. 

We are excited to keep seeing our new friend put a smile on our Residents' faces. Karen is already smitten!