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Food is extremely important to us at Kumeu Village. Our brilliant Kitchen team prepares all meals fresh daily and we source all of our meats from New Zealand Organic farms, and purchase our produce locally (and also grow a lot in our own garden!).
Our talented Baker/Cook Helen is creating new and exciting muffins, pies (organic chicken, beef and cheese, lamb and rosemary) cakes, and salmon filo baskets daily and our Cooks Kush and Michele make sure our Residents are being served the best meals we can possibly offer, constantly trying out new recipes and ingredients, our residents all have input into what they would like on the menu.
Residents have a choice of two options for their main lunch meal and we cater to all different dietary needs. We also have 'themed nights' based on what our Resident's likes are - such as Steak night, Pancake night, Cooked Breakfast for Dinner night and Cultural nights where our staff help cook their local delicacies (Fijian, South African, etc.!). Our Residents wanted Takeaways for Dinner and so now we have a permanent Chinese or Indian Takeaway night on Wednesday nights. If any meal is not to your liking then the kitchen will make you something else, no problem at all. We offer diabetic meals at every serving also. Families dine with us frequently and are always welcome. We have a private dining room for family occasions and parties.
We have High Tea and a musical guest every Sunday and Tuesday, and for when Friends and Families stop in we have a full service Cafe with Altura Coffee and freshly baked goods.
We hold buffets meals for most occasions:
  • Mothers day
  • Mid-winter xmas
All families are welcome!